Monday, August 29, 2005

Should I really get up tomorrow?

I’ve been exhausted, fed up and annoyed with customers at my job before. I’ve even had 2 in my career that have reduced me to tears. But after today I need to add complete anger and utter rage to the list of emotions. Anyone who ever thought working at a bridal shop would be “so much fun” must be f***ing crazy! Anyone who works in retail feels my pain to some extent. But I swear, shows like Bridezilla haven’t just become an addition to the long list of unnecessary reality TV shows, but also act as a “How To” guide to being not just a bridal nightmare, but a complete piece of work in which there are no words to describe. I’ve never worked with such rude & disrespectful people as I did today. I have no idea where I get the patience to deal with these people, but I’m beginning to think it’s a curse. I wish I could just tell some people off when they act like jerks. I really should have kicked these customers out of the store today. I don't know what was the worst: the fact that they went into the stock room that is clearly marked "EMPLOYEES ONLY" to pull dresses on their own, the fact that they didn't apologize when confronted about it, the fact they proceeded to keep me there an hour & ten minutes past the time I should have locked up and gone home, or the fact that they stole a picture from one of our catalogs and lied about it when I caught them. Needless to say, I left work tonight fuming mad. Some people are so selfish. Their actions prove they have no respect/consideration for others.

That reminds me of something else that I'm perturbed about...I had plans the other night. I was on call at my 2nd job, but was informed the night before that I probably wouldn't be needed because they were already cutting other people's hours for the day. Well, much to my surprise I was called into work anyway (supposed to start at 5pm). This posed a small problem for me and the night I was commited to because it was 3:10pm and I now had to take a shower & get ready, I had to make arrangements for other people to get rides or get them where they needed to go 2 hours earlier than planned (FYI-I live an hour from work.) Anyway, I got super stressed out because I was fighting with people over the lack of time I had had. Then 15 minutes after I had talked to her, my boss left a message (which I didn't get until I was already leaving) saying I didn't have to come in until 6pm instead. Great, I now just got in a fight with my friend for no reason. So I decided to leave anyway so I wouldn't feel rushed and I could maybe grab food on the way down. Then get a load of this: when I was 15 minutes from work I get a call from them to tell me I don't have to come in at all! And to top it all off, it wasn't even my boss making the call. She had some other poor soul do her dirty work because she knew I'd be pissed. She knows how far away I live, but she just didn't want to deal with it. Sales weren't high enough to warrant a full staff Saturday night, which I totally understand. But don't f***ing string me along for 2 hours just in case! She did it just to save her own butt. She didn't want to deal with the company asking why there were "X" number of people working and there was only "Y" amount in sales. Well you know what?...X + Y = I will no longer be your bitch--I quit!

Wow, I feel better to have that all off my chest.

One more thing: I'm glad I don't know Katie from Road Rules (most recently on Kill Reality) in real life. I was watching Kill Reality tonight and couldn't believe how ubsurd she was acting. Did anyone else see this and find it foolish? And what an instigator of drama that Trishelle is! She's not just a trouble maker though; she's a waste of air time.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for putting up with my rants.


Anonymous anastacia beaverhousen said...

just stumbled across this page. you seem interesting. and pretty.

i hope you have a good day.

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